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As the world’s largest producer of anti-reflective coated (ARC) glass and ultrathin physically tempered glass, we are leading the way in solar glass industry. Founded in 2006, we have 40M sqm annual capacity of ARC glass and 400MW annual capacity of PV Modules. We take great pride in our 130M sqm  sales record of our ARC solar glass, which means Almaden has brought benefits to more than 18 GW solar modules worldwide.

With substantial R&D investment and solid R&D capability, Almaden is moving on to the next leading stage. We proudly present the pioneering ultrathin frameless PV module with glass-glass structure design. Such product presents a flawless integration of simplicity, reliability and durability.  We are ready to lead our customers to the new era of light weight photovoltaic.

Led by 20 Ph.Ds, researchers and 130 engineers specializing in various areas, such as chemistry, nano materials, semi conductor and photovoltaic technology, Almaden continues to lead the way. Almaden is in close cooperation with Taiwan University and Chinese Academy of Science to broaden the company’s research development. Investment in research and development is the foundation and prerequisite of innovative product development. Almaden is focusing on ultra-thin glass-glass solar module development and is striving to bring the customers the most competitive products with high added value. Advanced testing and research equipments are constantly introduced to keep the company at the forefront of technology shift.

Almaden will never stop being creative. With light weight era ahead of us, Almaden has taken the lead in developing 4mm glass-glass module with 1.6mm  physically tempered glass and is continually focusing its technology strength on developing 3mm ultralight glass-glass module. Meanwhile, targeting the BIPV market, Almaden has also developed photovoltaic double glazing products which will replace the conventional building materials with energy generating PV modules.

  • The development course of Almaden


  • “多功能高透光 率光伏玻璃产业化”喜获江苏省科 学技术三等奖。


  • 被评为常州市2011年度工业五星企业。

    入选《福布斯》2011年度最具潜力 上市企业排行榜,位列第四。

  • 全国人大副委 员长路甬祥视察亚玛顿。


  • 常州亚玛顿股 份有限公司在深交所正式挂牌交易。(证券简称:亚玛顿、证券代码:002623)


  • 常州亚玛顿股 份有限公司首发申请获证监会发审委审核通过。

    荣获江苏省高 成长型中小企业称号

  • 山西省党政代 表团在江苏省委罗志军书记,省长李学勇的 陪同下来我公司考察。


  • 国际SEMI协会批准,我公司为《光伏玻璃镀膜 国际标准》起草单位。

    国家工信部批准,我公司为《太阳能光伏用 减反射膜玻璃》行业标准的起草单位。

  • 江苏省委罗志 军书记视察我公司。


  • 被评为常州市2010年度工业五星级企业。


  • 入选《福布斯》2010中国潜力企业榜,位列江苏第一,全国第十六。

    “亚玛顿”牌商标被认定 为江苏省著名商标。

  • 发布拟首次公 开发行股票接受上市辅导的公告。


  • 获“江苏省创新型 企业称号”。


  • 公司名称变更 为常州亚玛顿股份有限公司。


  • “江苏省高透光 率光伏玻璃工程技术研究中心”获省科技厅授牌。


  • 通过国家新标准“高新技术企业”认定。


  • “高透光率光伏玻璃”产业化项目顺 利通过省科技厅成果转化项目立项。


  • 常州亚玛顿光 伏玻璃有限公司新设成立。


Thank you for coming to Almaden, if you have intention to cooperate or have any questions, please contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible, and for you to provide the most sincere service, thank you!

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